Home Water Softeners: How They Work and Why You Need Them

Home water softeners were used to be an unfamiliar water treatment option in American homes, primarily because no one really thought about the benefits of soft water and more information relevant to them. However, the increasing awareness among families, particularly on the risk of using hard water has essentially changed the perception towards water softening. By definition, this type of equipment effectively removes both calcium and magnesium from hard water by way of a process called ion exchange. The reason why you want both elements gone in your water supply is because they are the primary causes of scale and scum.

Home water softeners are designed to treat water entering the entire house, which means that they have to be installed at that certain area where water comes in before getting distributed. While it may not be as essential to that of water heating equipment, there is no denying that having soft water supply will lead to a bunch of benefits, including a cleaner home and cost-effectiveness so click here to get started .

The water softener is most often fitted in the main water supply in order to prevent the buildup of lime scale. The calcium and magnesium elements will then be replaced with sodium through the ion exchange process. The scum and scale will eventually build up inside home heating systems as well as other appliances in which water passes through.

The Ion Exchange Process

The reason why both calcium and magnesium are replaced with sodium is because the latter is a more soluble element, which in turn won't lead to the buildup of scum or scale. The moment the water goes through the water softener, it will be subjected to the ion exchange resin, where it will meet and interact with synthetic beads that are charged with sodium ions. So in essence, the calcium and magnesium ions are literally going to step in the original place of the sodium ions in the resin bed. The process succeeds as soon as all the sodium ions are replaced.

Overall, the home water softener will benefit you in the long run because aside from preventing scale in your hot water system, it also removes any scale that already built up. Additionally, the installation of home water softeners also reduces the cost of boiler fuel as well as maintenance costs of your entire water heating system. Finally, soft water eventually prevents the likelihood of soap scum, or that white substance you see around your sink and bath area.